Friday, Jun. 18, 2021

I've finally deciced to put some work into updating this layout after using the first random image on my laptop, after the old one disappeared. I've had this journal for 15 years, and most entries I don't even remember what they were about. Now I wish I'd written some more detailed posts about how my life was then, but even though I'm a writer, I've never been good at keeping a journal.

My previous entry was around the start of the lockdown in my country, which I then figured would only last a few months. In the mean time, I've got and lost a job, got and didn't lose a boyfriend, and we're still in lockdown. I did receive the first of two jabs, though, so things are looking slightly brighter.

We are nearing the end of a really hot weather stint, thankfully, and as I'm writing this, Sweden is playing Slovakia in the Euro2020 championship.

I've never actually shared anything in this journal. I'm hoping maybe today is a start.

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